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Templify is a browser extension that allows you to create templates for frequently used messages and apply them on any web page, platform or service 🚀

Templify saves time for users who communicate a lot and is ideal for small businesses, customer service, recruiters and salespeople. Proven to be effective with over 2,000 active users and 5 star reviews

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Get rid of repetitive typing, achieve more with a fast and consistent process!

Templify Extension helps users save time and speed up any writing/communication process, increasing productivity and customer loyalty

Small businesses and customer service

Small businesses and customer service users typically create message templates related to product/service details and as replies to frequently asked questions, such as delivery, payment, or return information. Templify Extension is often used for efficient customer communication across different seller platforms like Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and others.

Recruiters and talent sourcers

Recruiters and talent sourcers usually create message templates for connection requests, recruitment pitches, job descriptions, etc., which are then used on LinkedIn or directly in messengers (web versions). Recruiters more often use smart syntax in templates to make messages more personalized and increase candidate engagement.

Salespeople and SDRs

Salespeople and SDRs create message templates for each sales funnel step and often use them for social selling on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and others. Similarly to recruiters, Templify Extension's smart syntax is used to create personalized messages and increase response rates.

AI tools users (chatGPT, midjourney, etc)

AI tools users commonly use Templify Extension for storing and applying AI prompts, such as ChatGPT prompts (including Chat GPT-4 prompts), Midjourney prompts, Notion AI prompts, and more. Templify Extension's smart syntax is used to create highly customizable and dynamic prompts for daily usage.

Templify extension

What makes Templify Extension the user's choice for daily usage?

Works Everywhere: Message templates can be applied on any website, platform, or service, without any limitations – Templify Extension fits perfectly into any business process.

Easy to Use: There is no need to remember any template-related shortcuts or switch back and forth to an external app. Create, browse, and apply message templates right in place, exactly when you need them.

Helpful Features: Supercharged with smart syntax, template groups, templates sharing (coming soon), keyboard-first control, and other features. Click here for more feature details.

Templify does not require extra permissions like other extensions do, it respects user privacy, and follows the best privacy practices!

Templify works great for individuals and just stunning for teams. About 48% of new users install Templify Extension by colleagues and friends recommendations

Jenna Stenberg

Senior IT Recruiter


Templify Extension helps me save time on repetitive typing, such as personalized connection requests, job descriptions, interview steps, reports, and more. It's a handsome tool that every team member uses and loves.

Tim Staub

Customer Service Manager


As customer service representatives, we use Templify Extension to respond to every incoming request, regardless of the channel the customer is using, whether it's email, website or messenger. Templify helps us reply quickly and professionally, which allows us to provide great customer service.

Greg Sagara

SDR Team Lead


Templify is a simple yet highly effective tool for daily use that saves us a ton of time and makes our daily communication and prospecting processes much more efficient. I can't imagine how we managed without it before. Great tool.

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