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Write messages in 1 click -
stay efficient and professional!

Create templates for frequently used messages and
apply them at any web page, platform or service! 🚀

Add to chrome – it's free!

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Templify – Simple, Powerful, Scalable!

Templify works everywhere you write on the web – LinkedIn, Gmail, Facebook, Telegram or any other page, all you need to do is to put cursor into text field and apply template, moreover, it is supercharged out of the box

Templify extension screenshot

Keyboard first

Templify extension can be controlled with keyboard keys, without any mouse moves and interruption – it perfectly suits typing experience.
Read more about keyboard usage

Smart syntax

Use Templify smart syntax to create personalized templates, templates compositions and more to increase response rates and lead loyalty.
Read more about smart syntax

Templates groups and more

Group templates by template name, create and update templates in place. No need to remember any template related shortcuts – browse/filter and choose template when you need to apply it.
Read more about groups

Awesome, isn't it?

Yes, it is! And new features are coming soon! Stay tuned!

Works great for individuals and teams

Highly efficient for individuals and just stunning for teams (templates sharing feature 🚀 and more)

"Using Templify for sales prospecting is like a breath of fresh air, especially using personalized templates and groups per each customer, now we finally getting rid of spreadsheet copy/paste hell)" Mike Wilson, CEO at FastLead
"Everything I was looking for, simple and reliable, saves my time and makes my messaging with clients highly professional and efficient, excellent tool for daily usage!" Laura Brauman, Serial Entrepreneur
"As a customer support service we use Templify extension to respond each incoming request, no matter which channel customer is using, either email, slack or messanger, we always reply fast and professional, building great customer service!" Tim Staub, Customer Support Manager
"Using for every project, saves time and routes daily communication process, I can't imagine we haven't used it before, great tool!" Greg Sagara, SDR team lead at LeadStore
"No seriously, have you ever message candidate with wrong name? Me neither ;) Now with Templify I can store and reuse all of my job description details, personalized connection and greeting message templates, 100% worth it!" Jenna Stenberg, Senior Recruiter at ITCapital

... and more, Templify is trusted by users, including Recruiters, Sales/SDR managers, business professionals and plenty of people who want to communicate more efficiently on a daily basis. Improve your work - start your journey with Templify!

Takes 2 min to start – saves 1 hour every day!

Three simple steps to become efficient every day

Templify extension screenshot

1. Install Templify and sign up

Install extension from web store and pin to the browser toolbar, open extension and sign in with any account of your choice

2. Create and save any template

Open the extension, press 'Create template' button, fill template form and press 'Save' button

3. Apply template!

Put cursor at any page text field (same as when you type), open extension with shortcut or by clicking extension icon, select template and press 'Apply' button. Done - template inserter!

Easy, isn't it?

Yes, it is! Get more superpower with smart template syntax, template groups and keyboard shortcuts - read detailed guide!